A well known US/UK based alternative asset class investment manager was looking to bring to market a daily valued, daily liquid set of CIT funds for the US DC market. The manager - wanted to focus on a sleeve of custom target date/custom target risk funds.


Need a third-party trustee with experience working with investment managers to build CIT and operational solutions to meet complex needs. Trustee needed to understand the custom target date market, how alternative asset classes fit within target date funds and the operational expertise to bring to work through creating the daily valuation for non-daily valued holdings.

GTC Solution

  • Created a solution that meets needs for daily valuation and daily liquidity
  • Flexibility in legal and operational structure needed to bring product to market
  • Ability to work through creating a daily valuation process for illiquid securities
  • Ability to bring multiple classes and structures together


  • Third party trustee with depth of experience in ERISA, US DC market, custom target date funds
  • Proven ability and experience to bring a best-of-breed solution to market (and bring together all relevant parties)